Online Services

We are constantly striving to improve the support and care we provide our patients, by providing them with access to Professor Menzies’ services whenever they require them. In recent years we have seen increasing numbers of interstate and international patients attending our Sydney rooms for treatment. Some of these patients have required ongoing support upon their return home and typically these needs have been met by scheduled telephone consultations.

Professor Menzies now offers Skype consultations for distance patients anywhere in the world. These can be either via webcam, or through the use of the Skype chat function. If you have never seen Professor Menzies before, simply send him an email at indicating that you would like to become an online patient. In your email you should provide a brief description of your problem/s.

Prof. Ross Menzies, pictured with AI-Therapy colleague Fjola Helgadottir at the 7th World Congress of Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies in Lima, Peru, 2013